ROI of free wifi

Imagine for a moment that you are standing in the middle of your store. To your left, a group of students are working together on their computers. To your right, a business executive is sipping on a coffee and checking email on his phone. Straight ahead, a small business owner is updating her expenses online. You’re creating a way for all of your customers to stay connected, and they trust you to provide them with that connectivity. But what good is it to you?

You know that making customers happy is really important, and you’re doing that in part by offering them free WiFi. However, there is so much untapped value that you should be taking advantage of so that your WiFi can really work for you and provide an ROI.

How to find the ROI in your free WiFi:

1. Gain Customer Insight

I bet that despite using the analytics and research tools you may currently have, you still don’t have a clear understanding of exactly who your typical customer is. With a platform like, you can find out deep demographic insights all through your guest WiFi system.

Let’s say you discover that the majority of students who visit your cafe love rock ‘n roll music. You could now play that genre of music in your store! Or, what if you knew that the after-work crowd at your bar loves baseball most. Putting more baseball on the TVs during happy hour can further engage them and make them want to come back. It’s these social insights on what music they like, sports they watch, food they love, brands they support, etc. that will give you a real understanding of who your customers are and how you can satisfy them.

2. Enable Customer Loyalty

Forget about loyalty cards, stamps or keychain passes. Instead, what if you could instantly know how often each of your customers visits you just by the number of times they’ve logged onto your guest WiFi?

Your customers shouldn’t have to fumble around to find their loyalty cards to check-in in order to get a reward from you. You should instantly know when they are there and let them opt-in to share their information with you.

With, your customers only need to opt-in to your offers through our WiFi platform once. From there, they have the option to join your weekly newsletter, share their email address with you or even become a fan of your Facebook Fan Page. You can then stay in touch with them by sending them coupons, announcements, etc. without ever scanning a loyalty card again.

3. Personalize the In-Store Experience

What if you could play the music you knew your customers loved most? How about partnering with the local organization they love to support? Imagine for a moment that your regular coffee shop, bar or library did this — wouldn’t you be happily surprised? Using social insights from your WiFi platform, you can discover all of this customer knowledge — and much more — to begin personalizing the experience for your customers.

4. Encourage Social Interactions

Imagine if you could encourage your customers to Like your Facebook Fan Page when they are actually in one of your locations? If they are having a great experience, don’t you think they are more motivated to tweet, post on Facebook or check-in on Foursquare while in the moment, so long as they have WiFi?

This works the same way in-person. If you’re part of a business that likes to know customers by name and remember their preferences, then wouldn’t it be valuable to you to know when your frequent customers are there so that you can be prepared with their favorite coffee or sandwich? Now that’s how you gain happy customers!

5. Build an email list

When your customers login to your WiFi using our platform, they can opt-in to give you their email address. This is an organic way to collect extremely valuable email addresses that you can now use to send targeted email newsletters, promotions, event invites and even exciting announcements.

This beats buying an email list or begging your customers to give you their email address! Your customers can actually choose to give it to you right when they are at your venue.

6. Make Customers Happy

All of the above will make your customers truly feel happy and cared for — far beyond just having access to free WiFi. Offering them instant benefits (discounts, free items, etc.) just for being there is much more surprising and enjoyable when it’s unexpected. With a loyalty card, customers know they’ll be getting certain coupons or birthday promotions, but when you are rewarding them just for being customers, you can invite them into a special celebration you could never offer them otherwise.

Solution: Make sure your WiFi has a social component. Un-personalized, unrewarding WiFi isn’t a great experience for you or your customers. Make your WiFi work for you by providing you with deep social insights so you can get to know your customer base and make something of that data.

Has your business taken the next step to rethink your approach to free WiFi?

Try today and see the social data you’ve been missing.