We’re excited to announce that SocialSign.in now integrates with Constant Contact! You’ve been downloading email lists just to upload them elsewhere, manually entering email addresses, and even resorting to copying and pasting entire lists. Scratch all of that — you can now build and manage your email lists effortlessly through your guest WiFi network.

At SocialSign.in, our mission is to deliver a seamless experience between your in-store customers and new and existing marketing campaigns. Matching email programs with each customer touchpoint is a complex process. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the tools available to manage these touch points; it’s even harder to make them play well together.

To address this, we built an integration for Constant Contact, a platform which many of our customers already trust to deliver their email marketing campaigns. Given the complexity of email marketing, management of email lists, and user acquisition, it was important for us to build a powerful solution to easily connect the in-store customer experience with targeted marketing activities.

SocialSign.in’s integration with Constant Contact delivers real-time email list syncs between your WiFi guest emails and your Constant Contact account. As soon as a customer logs onto your WiFi network and opts in to give you their sacred email address (that itself is quite the accomplishment!), that email address is added to an email list you’ve designated which then updates automatically in your Constant Contact account. From there, you can run custom campaigns based on the actions customers have taken when connecting to your WiFi, such as Liking you on Facebook, joining your email newsletter or visiting your website.

Integration Highlights

Easy Setup

You can set up your Constant Contact account with SocialSign.in in the time it takes you to make a coffee for you and your co-worker (if you’re nice). Simply select “publish to Constant Contact list(s)” in your SocialSign.in account, connect your account to Constant Contact and choose a mailing list to sync.

socialsign.in and constant contact integration

Every time a customer opts in to share their email address with you, they will automatically be added to that list.

You can change your custom promotions at the drop of a dime. In the Experiences tab of your SocialSign.in dashboard, you can alter which list you want new email addresses to flow into based on the promotions you are running at any given time.

Sync In-Store Activity with Marketing Campaigns

You already have all your email campaigns set up in Constant Contact. Now all you need is an easy way to update your email lists so you can send targeted messages to new and existing customers. Let’s say that Sally Johnson walks into your venue, signs into your WiFi and opts to share her email address with you during the sign in process. She then Likes you on Facebook while she’s there. She has now taken a social action verifying that she’s interested in learning more from you. This is the perfect opportunity to put her into a specific campaign targeted towards those who are fans of your page on Facebook. From there, you can send her (and all your other fans) Facebook-specific promotions, such as 20% off their next purchase — just for being a fan!

If you really want to impress Sally, you can even email her while she’s still in the store to send her a top-secret deal that she can take advantage of right then and there.

With SocialSign.in, you can set up any type of campaign you need based on certain actions your customers take while they are on your WiFi, such as visiting your site, joining your online newsletter or becoming your newest Facebook fan.

Removes Manual Processes

You hate manually entering (and reentering) email addresses into a list just as much as we do. With this integration, you’ll never have to download, copy and paste or manually type a single email address or list again. Once you authorize your Constant Contact account to access email addresses added through SocialSign.in, we do the rest for you.

We couldn’t be happier to get this integration into your hands. We’re already hard at work with even more functionality to make your WiFi work even harder for you!

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If you have questions about the Constant Contact integration with SocialSign.In, send us an email!