It was Friday, April 25th, and CEO Mike Perrone (@mpwn) was in an unusual place…New Jersey.  The founder found himself on the campus of Montclair State University, taking part in a panel at their “Innovating The Local News Ecosystem” conference.

Joining him on this hour-long discussion + Q&A titled “Think Like a Technologist” were Jake Beckman (@jakebeckman) of Rebel Mouse, Misha Leybovich (@mishaley) of Meograph and Josh Schwartz (@joshuadschwartz) of Chartbeat, along with moderator Laura Cochran (@cochranism).

Mike Perrone, CEO of      Jake Beckman, Content Catalyst at Rebel Mouse.       Misha Leybovich, CEO of Meograph       Joshua Schwartz Chartbeat       Laura Cochran

The panel covered analytics, understanding your audience, engagement, and consumer insights, and how these things are changing the way we consume information online.

Here are the 9 best quotes you missed:


1) What is the thing we’re actually trying to do, and how do we describe that with a number?
Josh Schwartz

2) Figuring out exactly what you want to measure is important, but so is finding the right process for measuring it.
Josh Schwartz

3) It’s really important that you use data in your decision-making.
Mike Perrone


4) There’s this concept in technology that you write some code, send it out and wait for the first person to complain…then fix it.  Imagine if news worked like that?
Mike Perrone

5) I think one of the best things that tech companies do now that journalists can learn from is admitting when something doesn’t go right.
Jake Beckman

The "Innovating The Local News Ecosystem" panel on April 25, 2014 at Montclair State University.

The “Innovating The Local News Ecosystem” panel on April 25, 2014 at Montclair State University.

Social Media and News

6)  They say that journalism is the first draft of history. Today, social media is the first draft of journalism. 
-Misha Leybovich

7) How do you turn your channel from something audiences watch to something audiences DO?
Misha Leybovich

8) ANYONE can get their voice out now, it’s not just the exclusive content of publishers.
Misha Leybovich

9) We’re building a local network of people, in places, and generating data similar to what you get on the web for the physical world. Mike Perrone
We’d like to extend our thanks to Ju-Don Roberts (@jmarroberts), the Center for Cooperative Media, and Montclair State University for hosting this event.

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