American Whiskey SpotlightWelcome to the second edition of the Spotlight, a new blog series featuring members of our network and what makes them special.

Today, we want to shine the spotlight on what’s about to become your new favorite bar in Midtown West. Stick with us and you’ll learn why American Whiskey, on the verge of its one-year anniversary, is giving Madison Square Garden crowds the drinking destination they deserve.

Located at 247 W. 30th street, between 7th and 8th avenue, the 6,500 square foot, 3-floor behemoth of a bar is literally a three-minute walk from The Garden.

American Whiskey MSG directions

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Such convenience to New York’s mecca of live events and sports entertainment makes it a strong option for your pre and post event fun, but by no means is American Whiskey a one-trick pony.

According to Thrillist, they’re really more of a four trick pony.


Visit American Whiskey and you’ll notice every one of those four components has their own moment to shine.  If you’re looking for the right day to check it out, we think it’s the perfect place to take your fantasy football draft to the next level.  So gather the league together and schedule your draft in a room like this.

Fantasy Football at American WhiskeyFree WiFi is already standard at American Whiskey, a draft-day must, and if you’re interested in throwing unlimited beer, booze, wings, sliders, grilled cheese and fries into the mix too, well, that’s not free but still a good deal.

If you aren’t going big for your draft, or just aren’t that big into fantasy football, we still think American Whiskey is a great place to spend your Saturday and Sunday come football season.

Robbie York, the bars owner, is a University of Georgia grad with enough experience at SEC football games and tailgates down south to know how to bring the best aspects of that spirit up north.  In fact, American Whiskey is the official NYC home of the Georgia Bulldogs, making it a great destination for fans and alumni during the NCAA season.

With over 150 different whiskeys available, along with a rotation of new beers on tap and an expertly crafted cocktail menu, there’s a drink for everyone at American Whiskey.  Even better than their oversized whiskey menu are the oversized options you have when it comes to drinking it.  You can order their drinks in modest 1-liter vessels, and 3-liter barrels if you’re feeling more ambitious or just having a bad day.  If you want to channel your inner Andre the Giant, they’re happy to accommodate with a 20-liter barrel for you (and your friends, right?).

Drinks American Whiskey

Much like its sheer size, everything they’re doing over at American Whiskey is just a little bit “bigger” than you’d expect.  Their food menu, for example, is loaded with bar staples like wings and burgers, but most are taken to the next level.  Two of the most popular items are the Tater Tots, which get fried in duck fat and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and the “Duck Duck Goose” sliders, comprised of sliced duck breast, duck confit and foie gras on a pillowy bun.

Photo Credit: American Whiskey, Thrillist

Photo Credit: American Whiskey, Thrillist

All this serves as a complement to 37 huge televisions scattered throughout the three floors, ensuring you’ll never miss a moment of the game.

So trade in your fish bowls and plastic alligators for a stiff pour on the rocks and swap the Big Buck Hunter for the real thing.  With a huge drink selection, friendly staff, unique décor, awesome bar food, massive TVs and free WiFi, we don’t know why you wouldn’t.


Thanks for reading the Spotlight, and let us know what you think of American Whiskey after you stop by.  When you walk out the doors back onto the streets of Midtown Manhattan, you may just feel a bit more American.
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