Best Sports Bars Fantasy Football NYC The arrival of September and passing of Labor Day triggers a seasonal shift that brings with it a phenomenon unparalleled during any other time of the year.

With the flip of a switch, Sundays become an occasion to be celebrated and cherished, each one unique, full of momentum, excitement and heartbreak.  The reason for this feeling is singular, unmistakable, and so powerful that it erases any care of a looming Monday morning.

Week 1 of The 2014-15 NFL season will be in full swing on Sunday and team is excited for kickoff.  Our loyalty as fans is divided between the Jets and the Giants, but one thing we’re all fans of is fantasy football.

Fantasy Football Fact: Tonight (9/4), the Green Bay Packers will start the season against the Seahawks, in Seattle, for the first Thursday Night Football matchup of the year at 8:30 PM EST on NBC.  Make sure your lineup is set!

We know about last minute lineup changes and what it feels like to constantly refresh your league app for a scoring update, curious if the most recent completion by your QB put him over 300 yards passing.  The last thing you want as a team manager is to lose your weekly matchup because you couldn’t make a substitution before the 4:05 games start after Jay Glazer pops up on TV to break the news that your RB2 is suddenly questionable with an ankle injury, leaving you scrambling for a replacement.

That’s why when we leave the couch and go out in New York for a proper Sunday of football bliss, we make sure any sports bar we visit follows these guidelines:

1) Free, easy to access WiFi

Refresh live scores and tinker with your roster on mobile apps

2) Beer.  Quickly.
Drink specials are always appreciated but not required

3) Food that goes well with the aforementioned beer
Seating, tables and a place to actually eat are extra helpful.  Sometimes we need our space.

4) Plenty of HDTVs (20+ min)
Bonus points for NFL RedZone and/or NFL Sunday Ticket

Here’s our starting lineup of bars that win when it comes to pigskin by hitting all of our criteria and providing these amenities. They’re worth checking out on Sunday during the next 17+ weeks of the NFL and Fantasy Football season.

1) Village Pourhouse

Village Pourhouse Sports Bar NYC

The Village Pourhouse is located at 64 3rd Ave on the corner of 11th street.

Key Stats:

  • Drink Specials: $5 shots of Fireball, $25 buckets of beer (Bud, Bud Light)
  • Free WiFi: Yes
  • HDTVs: Tons.  Wall to wall coverage that caters to Jets, Giants and Chiefs fans
  • Voted Best Sports Bar in America by Thrillist in 2011
  • Closest Subways: L (14th street), 6 (Astor Place), N & R (8th Street)

2) Sidebar

Sidebar Sports Bar NYC

Sidebar is located at 118 E 15th St between Irving Place and Union Square East.

Key Stats:

  • Drink Specials: $14 Bud Light pitchers, $30 buckets of beer
  • Free WiFi: Yes
  • HDTVs: 21 + 2 HD Projectors that focus on the Giants and Ravens
  • Outdoor seating with TV views
  • Attached to Little Town NYC, which has great bar food: Think Pretzel Crusted Chicken Fingers, Stadium Garlic Fries & Wings.
  • Closest Subways: L (14th street), 4,5,6,N,Q,R (Union Square)

3) Finnerty’s

Finnerty's Sports Bar East Village NYC

Finnerty’s is located on 221 2nd Ave between 13th and 14th street.

Key Stats:

  • Drink Specials: Yes, but they change every Sunday based on their rotating beer taps.  Visit and let us know!
  • Free WiFi: Yes, and so does the new home of the San Fransisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium, where local fans are enjoying the game and amenities a bit closer to the action.
  • HDTVs: 24 w/ NFL RedZone
  • The largest San Francisco/Bay Area bar this side of the Rockies with a HUGE 49ers following.
  • Reserve tables with built in keg taps, customizable to your beer preference.
  • Closest Subways: L (14th street), 4,5,6,N,Q,R (Union Square)

4) The Royal

The Royal Sports Bar 4th Ave NYC

The Royal is located on 127 4th Ave between 13th and 12th streets. Photo Credit: The Royal

Key Stats:

  • Drink Specials: None, but bottle service packages are available if you’re going all out with a big group.
  • Free WiFi: Yes
  • HDTVs: 40+
  • Food: Elevated bar staples, designed for sharing, created by an executive chef from Minetta Tavern.
  • Closest Subways: (3rd Ave), 4,5,6 (Union Square)

Fantasy Football Fact: Our next set of bars are what we like to call “Dynamic Duos“, with two locations in New York.  It’s a philosophy often preached by entrepreneur and avid Jets fan Gary Vaynerchuk.  When you know you’re good at something, go all in and double down on that differentiator to make an impact.  For these bars, they excel at creating a luxury sports bar environment and expanded with multiple locations on that principle.

In Fantasy Football, these Dynamic WR Duos play for organizations who followed a similar strategy and should put up huge numbers for your team if you can draft them: Brandon Marshall & Alshon Jeffrey (Chicago Bears), Roddy White & Julio Jones (Atlanta Falcons), and Calvin Johnson & Golden Tate (Detroit Lions).

5 & 6) Ainsworth Park & The Ainsworth

Ainsworth Park Sports Bar Gramercy NYC

Ainsworth Park is located on 111 E 18th St between Park Avenue South and Irving Place.

The Ainsworth Sports Bar Chelsea NYC

The Ainsworth is located on 122 W 26th St between Avenue of the Americas and 7th Avenue.      Photo Credit: The Ainsworth

Key Stats:

  • Drink Specials: None, but just like your weakness at TE, it’s forgivable for excellence in other categories.  Which they accomplish.
  • Free WiFi: Yes
  • HDTVs: 65 at Ainsworth Park, 38 + 2 HD projectors at The Ainsworth.  103 combined, all w/ RedZone and NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • These bars are both huge, with outposts on the East and West (original location) sides of Downtown NY.  There are tons of tables available for walk in or reservation.  Heads up, on Saturdays both can get packed as they host Alabama, Michigan and Miami fan bases for NCAA action.
  • Food: Mac & Cheese Burger, French Onion Soup Burger and Spicy Tuna Tacos.  Did we mention the part with 65 RedZone ready TVs?
  • Closest Subways (The Ainsworth): 1, N & R (28th street)
  • Closest Subways (Ainsworth Park): N,Q, &R (Union Square)

 7&8) Bounce Sporting Club

Bounce Sporting Club NYC

Bounce has two locations, with its original on 1403 2nd Ave between 73rd St & 74th and second location on 55 W 21st St
between Broadway and 5th Ave.       Photo Credit: Gallivant

Key Stats:

  • Drink Specials: $30 pitchers of sangria, 100 oz. beer towers
  • Free WiFi: Yes
  • HDTVs: 35+ at both locations w/ NFL Sunday Ticket and a focus on the Giants and Jets
  • Food: HUGE menu.  Our go-to: For $10, you can get a basket with Rosemary Garlic French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries & Waffle Fries.
  • Closest Subways (The Original Bounce UES): 4,5,6 (77th street)
  • Closest Subways (Bounce Flatiron): F,M,N,R,1 & 2 (23rd street)

9) The Hill

The Hill Sports Bar Murray Hill NYC

The Hill is located on 416 3rd Ave between 29th and 30th street.

Key Stats:

  • Drink Specials: $7 Fireball & Jameson shots, $15 pitchers of beer, $25 bottles of wine and pitchers of sangria
  • Free WiFi: Yes
  • HDTVs: 31 + 1 HD projector, NFL Sunday Ticket, and a strong mix of Giants/Jets fans
  • Food: Brunch from 11am-4pm is $30 for your choice of one entree plus 2 hours of AYCD mimosas, bloody marys and screw drivers
  • Closest Subways (The Ainsworth): 1, N & R (28th street)
  • Closest Subways (Ainsworth Park): N,Q, &R (Union Square)

10) American Whiskey

American Whiskey Bar Midtown West

American Whiskey is located on 247 W 30th St
between 7th Ave and Fashion Ave.

Key Stats:

  • American Whiskey was recently featured in the Spotlight, a new blog series featuring our customers.  They meet all our criteria, and we encourage you to read more about them here.

Fantasy Football Fact: American Whiskey is the official University of Georgia bar in NYC.  The Georgia Bulldogs have produced the 3rd most NFL players of any school since 2007.  For your fantasy team, Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions) and A.J. Green (Cincinnati Bengals) are two alumni poised for huge statistical fantasy football seasons.

11) Campeon

Campeon Mexican Restaurant and Sports Bar NYC

Campeon is located on 9 E 16th St between University Place and 5th Avenue.

Key Stats:

  • Drink Specials: $5 bloody marys, mimosas & bellinis, along with 75 oz. beer towers for $27 and a huge tequila menu.
  • Free WiFi: Yes
  • HDTVs: 30 & 8 additional massive 80 inch HD Sharp Aquos sets all with NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Food: 9 different types of tacos and 8 different types of wings.  See your options here.
  • Closest Subways: N,Q,R,4,5 & 6 (Union Square)

Thanks for reading our list of the 11 best NYC sports bars for your Fantasy Football fix.  If you own or know a bar that fits our criteria and should be on this list, you can comment on this post, tweet us or visit our website to nominate them to join our network.  At, our goal is to connect people at their favorite places with free WiFi.  If you want to learn more about what we’re doing and how we can use WiFi to help achieve your marketing goals and make connecting to WiFi easier than ever before, contact us today.


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