Spotlight Billy Joe's Ribworks

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Spotlight, a new blog series featuring members of our network and what makes them special.

As summer comes to a close and we approach the beginning of fall, we want to help our readers enjoy the beautiful, seasonal weather while it lasts.  That’s why today we’re shining the spotlight on Billy Joe’s Ribworks, a restaurant in New York’s Hudson Valley region that serves up a wide array of BBQ, smoked low and slow, with a view to kill for.

Located in Newburgh, NY on 26 Front Street, Billy Joe’s is a short drive from Manhattan and the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.  The restaurant itself is massive, with a huge indoor dining room, three bars, a stage for live music and an outdoor craft beer garden with 25+ beers to choose from.  Our favorite part, aside from the ribs and beer, is this gigantic outdoor patio located right along the Hudson River.

Billy Joe's Ribworks Outdoor Patio in Newburg, NY 2014Billy Joe's Ribworks Outdoor Patio in Newburg, NY 2014If you’re looking for a place to watch the game, Billy Joe’s has that covered too, meeting all of our criteria for a Sunday-worthy sports bar.  23 HDTVs are all loaded with NFL Sunday Ticket, so you can watch every game at once while chowing down on their special “Game Day Menu” (served in addition to their BBQ) loaded with tailgating favorites like Jalapeño Poppers…stuffed with bacon!

Whether you want to spend your Sunday indoors or outdoors, glued to the game or surrounded by New York’s natural scenery, make the trip and you’ll be thankful you did when you’re using Billy Joe’s free WiFi to upload jealousy-inducing pictures like this to Instagram.

Billy Joe's Mac and Cheese Sandwich

The Grilled Mac and Cheese Sandwich at Billy Joe’s Ribworks

Billy Joe's Ribworks Ribs

The Ribs at Billy Joe’s

Holy Banana Pudding

The Holy Banana Pudding

Your friends might feel guilty for not coming along on the adventure, but more importantly, with beach season over you won’t have to feel guilty for ordering their Mac & Cheese sandwich, a full rack of ribs, or dessert.  If you’re feeling extra adventurous, they even have an eating challenge you can attempt to take down in one hour or less, featuring over 5 pounds of their most popular menu items.

When you’ve had your fill, walk it off with a stroll down the historic Front Street to the nearby Clinton Square and Unico Park, where you can check out the Christopher Columbus monument.
You’ll be exploring the same land that Henry Hudson first discovered in 1609 and George Washington called home during the American Revolution.  So grab your buddies, call ahead to reserve a table, and enjoy some ‘cue with your crew.  The sights and sounds of Mother Nature are waiting for you without a skyscraper in sight.


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Directions to Billy Joe's Ribworks in Newburg, NY

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