Welcome to the sixth edition of the SocialSign.in Spotlight, a new blog series featuring members of our network and what makes them special.  Today, we’re focusing on a New York City franchise that draws heavy influence from the cafes and bakeries you would find in France.  If you’re looking for coffee and a croissant to start your day, or perhaps something a little more sweet, look no further than…

Financier Patisserie SocialSign.in SpotlightFinancier Patisserie has 10 locations in New York, so we’re going to share 10 Facts about Financier you may not have known:

1)  The first Financier Patisserie opened in 2002 in the Financial District of downtown Manhattan, located on Stone Street.

Financier Patisserie Stone Street

The 1st Financier, located on 62 Stone Street. (Photo credit: Yelp!)

2)  The origin of their name is twofold.  It’s primarily because of their namesake pastry; a French almond cake traditionally baked into the shape of a gold bar, but also serves as a tribute to the Wall Street clientele of their first location.
financier cookie

3)  All Financier Coffee is roasted locally, every day, in their Park Slope coffee factory, then delivered to each location within 24 hours of being packaged.

4)  When they first opened, Financier had a policy to give every customer a free financier cookie with any coffee purchase.  That policy became a core principle of the shop and maintains a policy across all 10 locations, twelve years after first implementation.

5)  You can get a cup of coffee and delicious, fresh baked cookie for less than $3.  Try it one morning and see how much better your day is when it starts with a free cookie.

6)  Financier Patisserie is known for their wide variety of French pastries, but grew in popularity from their colorful selection of Macaron Cookies.  Many consider the unique treat as the trendy successor to the cupcake craze.

Macarons are the new cupcake

Graphic by Holly Allen of Slate.  Click for their full story.

7)  Financier offers prepackaged, thoughtfully designed Macaron gift boxes containing a variety of small, half dollar sized cookies.  They also have larger sized Macarons, which we highly recommend you try.  Each location usually has 8+ flavors on display.  On the morning of October 6th, that included caramel, chocolate, pistachio, vanilla, hazelnut, raspberry, coconut, and banana caramel.  Since some members of our team had never tried them before, we got one of each and conducted a taste test in the office.  Here’s how they reacted after trying a Financier Patisserie Macaron for the first time.

Macaron Financier

“Ohhh, that is interesting.  Wow those are really good.  They get my stamp of approval.” – Matt, Business Development

“I’m such a dessert person.  Get these away from me now.” – Michelle, Partnerships

“OH WOW.  That’s really good.”  – Joe, Product

“Yea…wow.”  – Pat, Accounts

“That’s good.  The texture is amazing.” – Craig, Sales

8)  Financier also serves lunch, with a menu including french toast sandwiches, soups and classic French dishes like Quiche.  Everything on the menu is homemade.

9)  With 10 locations spread across Manhattan, Financier is actually the largest French bakery and Macaron chain in all of New York.

10)  All locations offer free, easy to access WiFi to their guests and customers.

SocialSign.in Financier Patisserie

If you want to try out a Macaron or any of the other fresh made French treats at Financier Patisserie, you can find all 10 of their locations on the map below and plan your first (or next) visit.

[googlemaps https://mapsengine.google.com/map/u/0/embed?mid=zE5o_8XQ9pZY.k_K-Zk4r315E&w=640&h=480]

Thanks for reading the SocialSign.in Spotlight, and if you’re in New York, check out Financier Patisserie next time you want a taste of France without getting on a plane.

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