Our team is thinking and reading about WiFi on a daily basis.  Where it is, where it isn’t, how people are using it, and what they should be doing with it.  Between Monday, November 10th 2014 and today, November 16th, we read a few things that we had to share.  Below, you’ll find some of the most important and interesting news about WiFi that came across our desk this past week.

This Week in WiFi

RestaurantNews.com published a post that really put a smile on our face titled “Why WiFi is a Major WIN For Your Bar or Restaurant.”  It’s a short but sweet glimpse into the benefits that restaurants and bars can see by offering free guest WiFi, but we love it because it shows that the industry as a whole is becoming more aware of the power that WiFi holds as a marketing channel.

You can read the full story here.

Verizon also announced a new initiative called Connection Day, which strives to make our Thanksgiving travel adventures a bit more easy to digest.  By partnering with Boingo, GoGo and jetBlue, Verizon will be giving away free in-flight WiFi, among other prizes, to anyone who registers on their website.  The one day promotion will take placed on November 26, 2014.  We know one flyer who might have wished his recent trip on Singapore Airlines had a bit more of the Thanksgiving holiday spirit as part of the in-flight entertainment…

Jeremy Gutsche is the CEO at Trend Hunter, whose recent negative experience with the WiFi on Singapore Airlines went viral this week.  You can read the original story he wrote here, or the subsequent coverage on Gigaom and the New York Post, but we really think this image he created sums it up pretty well.

Singapore Airlines 1200 WiFi

If you visit Singapore Airlines’ website detailing their in-flight WiFi offering, their volume based pricing model charges almost $1/mb used.  At that rate, it seems like Jeremy burned through over 1.1 GB of data during his flight, just by sending some emails and doing light web browsing on his mobile device while in the sky.

All of this in-flight WiFi news ties directly to the big story of the week which flew a bit under the radar if you ask us.

AT&T has cancelled its plans for an in-flight WiFi network.  

In May 2014, AT&T made a big splash when they announced their intent to challenge Gogo and Boingo for in-flight WiFi supremacy.  Skift published a huge feature on the news, detailing their plans for implementation and timeline for deployment , while Gogo held their ground with an air of confidence that simply said “we can still do it better.”

Well, just 6 months later, AT&T is pulling the plug on their plan.  First reported on Monday by the Runway Girl Network, it seems that AT&T underestimated the investment and time required to properly deploy WiFi networks in planes, which is considerably more difficult than creating a WiFi network in a physical business, store or venue.

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