Welcome to the ninth edition of the SocialSign.in Spotlight, our blog series featuring members of our network and what makes them special.  This week, we’re shining the spotlight on Ground Central Coffee Company.

Ground Central Coffee Company Locations NYC

Next time you’re in Midtown Manhattan and want (need) some coffee, take our advice on this one and go to Ground Central Coffee Company.  They use those really good coffee beans from La Colombe and other top tier roasters.  The premium, top of the line stuff that tastes like coffee should.  Their staff can can make seasonal single-origin pour overs, cold brews, and other specialty drinks for every coffee craving.  One of those staff members is Etieene Wiik, partner and coffee expert at Ground Central.  He lived in Paris from 2002 to 2012, where he opened his own cafe and started his own coffee company.  Now he’s in New York City, sharing his coffee knowledge with Zagat and giving us some tips he picked up while in Europe.

Maybe you’re like us and enjoy a pastry from time to time with your coffee, perhaps a croissant or donut?  The Ground Central team is friendly with all the best local bakeries, so everything in their shop is essentially a curated greatest hits list of tasty New York pastry.

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Speaking of greatest hits, that’s the vibe at Ground Central.  Walk through the doors and you’ll hear classic rock music playing from an actual record player.  You can browse their record collection, which isn’t the worst way to spend five minutes, then pick up that Rolling Stones album you listened to all the time in college and ask them to play it.  They will.


Ground Central Coffee Company on 155 E 52nd Street (bet. Lex and 3rd Ave)

Feeling healthy and hungry?  Their sandwiches and salads are from Chef Jason Wood (Savoy, Marlow & Sons, Tavern) and made fresh each morning.  At both locations, bookshelves are lined with award winning books, new and old, that you can pick up and read, but if you would rather read something on your phone or laptop we suggest connecting to the free WiFi network instead.

We recently stopped by Ground Central to visit Etieene and his colleague Desiree, who manages the new location on 800 2nd avenue.  While we were there, she shared her 5 favorite pastries available at Ground Central with us.

Try one with your next cup or get them all for your office and spread some holiday cheer.

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