SocialSignIn 2014 Recap
As the final hours of 2014 approach, it’s hard not to reflect on all of the wonderful things that have happened over the past 12 months. This time last year, Team was made of four full-time members and a working concept that demonstrated the effectiveness of WiFi as a marketing channel.  Now our team is almost triple the size, which is helping us do more, faster.

We picked up that nifty mantra this past spring during a three-month stint in Techstars, one of the top accelerator programs in the world.  That experience helped us build relationships with other entrepreneurs and hustlers in New York City, who are not only new friends but also play a role in where we are today.  On the last day of the program, our CEO pitched on stage to an audience of hundreds during demo day, and just a few days later, a member of that audience submitted us to Product Hunt, a site that showcases “the best new products, every day.” was the top hunt of the day, receiving the second most single-day votes in site history (at the time).  It was great to have our moment in the sun on a new platform like Product Hunt, but we’re also grateful to have been written about in Business Insider, Fortune and WIRED for the first time.

Speaking of firsts, our CEO appeared on National TV after being invited by Fox Business for a one-on-one interview with Deirdre Bolton.  This month, Alley Watch named him one of 15 NYC Startup Founders To Watch For In 2015.

Mike Perrone on Fox Business Risk And Reward

Our CEO Mike Perrone was interviewed by Deirdre Bolton on the Fox Business show “Risk and Reward” on October 29, 2014.

But before 2015 starts, lets refocus on 2014.

We’ve added really amazing businesses to the network, growing in New York while also expanding to more states and new international locations.  To expand even faster, we launched a partner program, increased our coffee consumption and opened an office on the West Coast.  If you happen to know a developer out there looking for an excellent opportunity (in our humble opinion), let us know.

Every day, new people are using to easily connect to guest WiFi at their favorite businesses and places around the world.

These on-site engagement opportunities are helping marketing teams of all sizes accomplish their goals, or as we would say, hit their KPIs.  For example, this fall we formed a relationship with The World Famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York.  Since implementing, they’ve seen app download conversions as high as 55% when people connect to their WiFi network.  If you aren’t sure, that’s really good.

Every new business that makes the choice to work with us is different, but we’ve learned, over time and countless conversations, that they all share two things in common.

  1. They want to improve the overall effectiveness of their marketing.
  2. They weren’t aware that was capable with their WiFi network.

The decision to try something new isn’t always easy, so it makes us happy to know that we’re delivering on the value we promised.  In 2015, we plan on getting even better.

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