Earlier this month, iPass Inc. ($IPAS) released the newest edition of their WiFi Growth Map, an incredibly data rich, interactive look at our connected world.  It’s loaded with stats on the growth of public and commercial WiFi hotspots since 2013, and projects how things will go (and grow) as far into the future as 2018.  We’ve been toying around with the map since discovering it a few days ago from a tweet and wanted to share some of the most interesting morsels of data we’ve uncovered.

Here are 11 of the best insights from the 2015 iPass WiFi Growth Map

  1. As of January 30, 2015, there are over 51,700,000 worldwide WiFi hotspots.
  2. Coffee shops, retail stores, hotels and other businesses account for over 7.5 million global hotspots in 2015.
  3. When it comes to WiFi hotspots, France is the most connected country in the world.

    iPass Top 10 Connected Countries 2015

    Data from iPass and Maravedis.

  4. There are currently 900,000+ consumer facing WiFi hotspots in America.  That number will exceed 1.4 million by 2018.
    Retail WiFi Growth US
  5. China is the only country with more retail WiFi hotspots than the United States.
    China WiFi hotspots 2015
  6. Between 2015 and 2018, China will add over 65 million community hotspots.
  7. China (2,128,602) currently has almost 10X more WiFi connected cafes & coffee shops than the United States (225,600).
  8. In the past 2 years, Australia, Africa and North America have been adding new WiFi hotspots left and right.
    WiFi Growth Per Region 2015
  9. There are 2X more hotel WiFi hotspots in the United States than any other country.
    Hotel WiFi 2015
  10. By 2018, there will be close to one WiFi hotspot for every twenty people on earth.
  11. Between 2013-2018, the total amount of global WiFi hotspots will grow 1,184%.

To see the full map, click here.

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