We compiled a list of the most interesting statistics on social, digital and mobile behaviors that we read in January 2015.  If you’re a marketer or business owner, these insights should help shape your plan for the next 11 months.

  1. Mobile Marketing Is Up 100% YOY

    Source: 2015 State of Marketing by Salesforce

    The 2014 State of Marketing report from Salesforce revealed that only 23% of marketers used some form of mobile marketing (SMS, push notifications, mobile apps, or location-based functionality).  In their 2015 report, that number is to 46%.  As smartphones become the primary screen in our lives and our primary source of information, it’s surprising this number isn’t higher.

  2. Only 34% Of Marketers Are Currently Using Instagram

    Source: 2015 State of Marketing by Salesforce

    Despite its rising popularity, Instagram is only the seventh most used social media channel by marketers.  It’s also interesting to see only 13% using Snapchat.  Don’t be surprised if that number rises drastically in 2015. 2015 State of Marketing, Salesforce

    Facebook remains #1, with 80% of marketers using the platform.  For the 29% of marketers who plan on using Instagram for the first time this year, we recently published a list of the best brands on Instagram, full of tips on strategies and best practices your business can use on the photo sharing social network.

  3. Brand Engagement Rates Are Higher On Instagram Than Facebook and Twitter

    Source: 5 Insightful Instagram Statistics That You Should Know by Sprout Social
    Salesforce Social Media Platform Popularity

    Instagram posts see a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%, which is 58X more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120X more engagement per follower than Twitter.

  4. Google+ Has More “Active Users” than Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat

    Source: Digital, Social and Mobile in 2015 by We Are Social

    Social Platform Active Users 2015
    If that number seems higher than you expect, it appears a large percent of the active users on Google+ are only using their profile as a way of commenting on YouTube videos.
    Google+ Users 2015
    For more details on the way people are using Google+ in 2015, read this analysis by Kevin Anderson and Edward Morbius.

  5. We Share On Our Phone More Than Any Other Device

    ShareThis Q4 2014 Consumer Sharing Trends Report
    Source: Q4 2014 Consumer Sharing Trends Report By ShareThis

    To keep up with this trend, make sure your blog and other branded content is optimized for mobile and includes social sharing buttons.

  6. 2014 Was The First Year We Spent More Time, Per Day, On Mobile Devices Than Desktops & Laptops

    Source: 2015 Marketing Fact Pack by Advertising Age

    Time Spent Using Digital Media, 2008-2014

    Time Spent Using Digital Media, 2008-2014

    The average time spent using media by adults was higher on mobile devices than it was on desktops and laptops for the first time ever in 2014.

  7. In Fact, We’re Developing A Serious Habit Of Checking The Web On Our Phone

    Source: Digital, Social and Mobile in 2015 by We Are Social

    Share Of Web Traffic By Device 2015

    Source: StatCounter, Q1 2015

  8. For Email Marketers, Mobile Opt-In Campaigns Rank Among The Most Effective (and Least Used)

    Source: 2015 State of Marketing by Salesforce

    Among 15 different type of email campaigns, mobile-opt in email campaigns are only being used by 26% of marketers.  Given the amount of time being spent on our phones, it makes sense that mobile-tailored have proven to be successful.  Learn more about mobile email campaigns in a recent blog post we wrote.
    Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 2.22.54 PM

  9. In 2015, 1 In Every 3 Web Pages Is Seen On A Mobile Device

    Source: Digital, Social and Mobile in 2015 by We Are SocialScreen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.28.00 AM

  10. Increase In Mobile Usage = Increase In Mobile Data Consumption 

    Source: Digital, Social and Mobile in 2015 by We Are SocialGlobal Mobile Data Growth Jan 2015

  11. 86% of Senior-Level Marketers Believe It’s Critical & Very Important To Create A Cohesive Customer Journey

    Source: 2015 State of Marketing by Salesforce

    When asked how they plan on creating that cohesive customer journey, these three technologies were listed as the most critical to their success.Cohesive Customer Experiences

  12. 90% Of Marketers Think Contextual, One-To-One Marketing Is The Future

    Source: 90% Of Marketers Think Personalization Is The Future by MediaPost
    Marketing Personalization
    According to a Teradata survey of 1,500+ marketing and communications executives, most believe that using big data to create personalized, unique marketing experiences is where the industry is headed.

Here are the 3 key things to remember from this post for your 2015 marketing plans:
1) Experiment with less saturated social media networks to try and reach your audience through new channels.
2) Make sure all of your online resources, assets and content are easy to read on mobile.
3) Physical businesses that want to grow their marketing programs should leverage the time being spent on mobile.

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