The International Franchise Association holds an annual convention to connect franchisors and franchisees with all of the resources they need to succeed.  This year marked the 55th anniversary of the event, which took place at MGM Grand Las Vegas from February 15th-19th, 2015.

Vegas has always been the gold standard when it comes to conventions, trade shows, and expos, regardless of industry, and this year was no different.  Keynote speakers at IFA 2015 included Paul Brown (Arby’s CEO), Mike Duke (former Walmart CEO) and Salim Ismail (Entrepreneur, Founder of Singularity University).  The focus of their speeches, along with most of the educational sessions during the 4-day convention, revolved around the theme of the event.


The theme couldn’t be more aligned with what we’re all about, so when an opportunity presented itself for to become involved at IFA 2015, we took it.

Rather than go down the traditional road of renting a booth to meet and greet interested attendees, which was our approach at the 2014 International Franchise Expo in NYC, we decided to use a strategy that would allow everyone at the event to actually experience the process of using and see what we do first-hand.

IFA 2015 Las Vegas MGM Grand

Day 2 at IFA 2015 in the MGM Grand Convention Center.

From the opening keynote on Sunday, February 15th to the closing ceremonies on Wednesday, February 18th, was seamlessly integrated with the WiFi access points in the MGM Grand convention center.

Considering the guest WiFi experience at most conventions, expos and trade shows usually has a price tag or a password, we were excited to apply our technology to this kind of event for the first time.

The Idea:  Show the attendees of IFA 2015 how a guest WiFi network could be used to connect places and people, with context.

Our Plan: Curate a mobile experience that easily connected guests to WiFi while also showing how that process can be innovative and evolve over time.  To put that plan in action, we treated each splash page as a “bulletin board”, providing updates and information on key events over the course of each day.

Execution: Here’s a look at how helped over 900 IFA convention attendees connect (and reconnect) over the course of 4 days.  

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Day 1 at the 2015 International Franchise Expo in Las VegasDAY 2 WiFi IFA 2015 Las Vegas MGM GrandDAY 3 WiFi IFA 2015 Las Vegas MGM GrandDAY 4 WiFi IFA 2015 Las Vegas MGM Grand

Looking back on the WiFi activity during the convention, Monday had the most users, followed by Tuesday, Sunday and Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday were the two busiest days on the schedule, so it’s not surprising that the amount of users on the guest network correlated to the foot traffic in the MGM Grand convention center.  For the attendees, we hope that the experience we created wasn’t just helpful, but educational as well.  Educational in the context of their experience at IFA 2015, like how our final message on day two led them to a Yelp page with the top rated dinner options in the hotel, but also in relation to the marketing initiatives at their current or future franchise.

We hope they noticed how each splash page changed over time, but still addressed them by name, creating a one-to-one marketing message, and how once they connected for the first time they automatically reconnected for the rest of the 4-day event without typing anything, even a password. delivers unique, branded experiences to every connected customer, on any device, without the need to download an app or any special software.  We connect people to the places they care about in a new, easy way, and help those places connect their most important digital initiatives with the physical foot traffic that drives their business.

With a theme like “Connect. Innovate. Evolve.” driving this convention, our team is glad we had the opportunity to demonstrate how it’s actually done.

To learn more about, visit our website. is a marketing company based in NYC and San Francisco on a mission to help our customers connect with their visitors.  We help physical businesses transform guest WiFi into their most powerful marketing channel.