Social Media Week 2015 is currently taking place in seven different cities around the globe, and fortunately for me, New York happens to be one of them.  I was able to get my hands on a campus pass and carved out some time to check out a few events throughout the week.

The theme of this year’s events revolve around mobile and the “rise of the connected class.” Each event, while unique in its own way, touches on the topic of how we can achieve more, together, in a connected world.  Below, you’ll find my recap for the only event I could attend on Thursday at #SMWNYC.

Pete Cashmore Social Media Week

10 Years of Digital: A Fireside Chat with Pete Cashmore, Founder and CEO of Mashable

When Pete Cashmore founded Mashable in 2005 as a 19 year old entrepreneur, the state of technology was vastly different than it is today.  Since then, we’ve seen the launch of Twitter, Facebook, the iPhone, app store and pretty much every other piece of tech you’ve used today. He’s been voted one of the most influential people in Technology on numerous occasions and created one of the most popular websites on the internet, which is why his event was one of the most popular all week.

SMW NYC Engage Stage
Before we get into the 11 best quotes from his fireside chat, I think we should start by covering the first question he was asked by Toby Daniels…”What’s the most significant thing that has happened over the last 10 years that has enabled Mashable to become what it is?”

Pete said that in the early days of Mashable and his blogging career, the biggest challenge was getting feedback.  Is what you’re writing the stuff that your readers are interested in? According to Pete, “we started to make a difference in the world when Twitter launched and we were able to engage our readership and find out what our readers wanted us to cover in real time.”

Another topic worth touching on is how Pete feels about native advertising, which is obviously a very relevant subject for Mashable and any other publisher or media company.  He believes that the overall shift to video, both in what we watch as consumers and what marketers create as content, will help make native advertising more transparent. Video will make it easier to clearly communicate when content is sponsored, which leads us directly into our first quote.

On Writing…

1. “Everyone wants to tell stories in a way that makes you like them and you don’t feel tricked.”

2. “We use algorithms for grunt work but still think humans are the best ones to consume, write and create content.”

3. “Sometimes you just have to be crappy for awhile to ultimately get it right.”

4. “Degree of focus is very important for success in content creation.”

5. “With referral traffic, the most important thing is diversity. We write for people, not algorithms.”

On Society…

6. “Everyone has more opportunity than ever to do something huge in a really short period of time.”

7. “The great thing about this world is that it’s always changing.”

On Technology…

8. “I think you’re going to see tech bringing efficiencies to businesses that aren’t pure tech.”

9. “If we can’t keep the web open and free for all it will create a world that is much less desirable to live in.”

10. “Always, in your career and personal life, be evolving with technology.”

11. “What I’m interested in are tools that can assist people to do the things they’re really good at.”

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