In the second episode of our Meet The Marketer series, we interview Kyle Wright, Interactive Marketing and Analytics Manager at Shubert Ticketing, to learn more about his marketing goals for 2015 and how he plans on using wifi marketing to help reach them.

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Here is a transcript of our interview with Kyle Wright.  

Meet The Marketer:

I’m Kyle Wright, I work with Shubert Ticketing. Shubert organization is the parent company of Shubert ticketing. We are primarily a theatre venue owner in New York City, so we own 17 Broadway theatres and 8 off Broadway theatres. We are sitting today in one of the Shubert brothers’ apartments.

What changes in the marketing landscape have you seen in your career?

It’s shifted from being more about geography, so people from New Jersey like to see Jersey Boys and people from Japan like to see Phantom of the Opera, which is true by the way. It becomes more about people who see Jersey Boys might like these 5 others shows, or people who make $250,000 or more tend to see thee kinds of shows versus people who just graduated college. So it becomes more about providing the information to help shows understand who their audiences are, so that they can sell more tickets to those people, and understanding who their audiences are so they can find more audience members just like them.

What are your top marketing goals for 2015?

So coming from the perspective of building infrastructure for marketing agencies and shows to sell their tickets, our goals are less about how we think about marketing to a consumer and more about how we think about building a solid infrastructure to do that. So our big goals for 2015, like everyone else in the world, is not just around big data, because thats been seen and done, but about understanding and synthesizing big data in a way that’s approachable to smaller businesses, because at the end of the day a Broadway show is not a fortune 500 company, it really is a small to mid level business.

Your most frequently used social media channels?

Like pretty much everyone else in business, we’re all very excited about the new and hot social channels, but the reality is there are not many that have been successful to date in monetizing that engagement and that level of reach. We’ve been very involved with Facebook and the Power Editor and Custom Audiences tool, we’ve been involved in partnering with our shows to allow them to access their data that we acquire as the transactor to reach out through Facebook Custom Audiences and Power Editor. In the next 6 months to a year, we’re really excited about what Twitter is doing in the same space, around building business level infrastructure to monetize and utilize data for smarter marketing.

Beyond that, we’re more interested in geo-level data and other ways of acquiring information about a customer so we can really meet our big goals around understanding who our audiences are that are sitting in our seats. Our reason our goal is that specific is because right now, although a person may buy a ticket, and we understand their email and billing information and everything that comes from a credit card, most people don’t buy one ticket, they buy three tickets, so we don’t understand 2/3 of our audiences are sitting in the seats. So it becomes very important for us to reach out and understand how we can get information about everyone sitting in our seats to better market to them and create future audiences.

Why did Shubert Ticketing decide to start using at its theatres?

We were struggling with understanding how to take something that valuable from a patron perspective (WiFi) and turn it into something valuable from a theatre owner and ticketing system perspective.

What brought to the game was frankly a surprise. It was an understanding of how to actually take something out here in the ether that nobody understood and make it clear-cut and black and white in terms of its business value.

Turning that into real Facebook data, email level information, preference information that we can then turn around into a variety of successful marketing campaigns has been really interesting and was the reason we ended up using because I had never heard of that being done in a similar way, and frankly, we were very encouraged by being able to work with them from the very beginning to build something out that was gonna be useful from a performing arts venue, because we have very unique needs, we’re very crazy people, and something needs to be developed for us in many ways, so we’ve been excited to kind of begin that program and pilot that program so it can be useful not only for commercial theatre but for non-profit theatre and other performing arts venues around the country.

How are you using to help accomplish your marketing goals?

The system itself has worked very well and what it’s enabled us to do from a reporting and marketing perspective has worked really well. Where we’ve seen, I won’t call them challenges, but room for growth, is predominantly on our part and the part of our clients, who are the shows, in finding ways to make this irresistible to people sitting in our seats and something that people who are in our venues cant wait to use. Whether that means something that’s very engaging socially or something that’s ultimately a bribe for a free drink, or some other really interesting marketing concept, that’s really the next stage in our evolution with this. It’s less about the technical aspects and the reporting aspects and more about how we can increase engagement through initiatives in our actual theatres and venues.

What exciting events can we look forward to at Shubert Organization this year?

So what excites the Shubert Organization about the future and our future partnership with is our ability to think about not how we keep technology out of our venues and out of an experience that is traditionally very staunchly and very non-tech friendly, but more about how we use technology and embrace technology to create richer, more valuable experiences for our patrons as they sit in our seats, and ultimately make theatre something that is current, that is relevant, that is socially engaged, that is exciting for generations to come.

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