“It’s the place where stars are born and legends are made.”

That’s how Dexter Upshaw likes to describe Amateur Night at The Apollo Theater.

In this short video, Dexter Upshaw, the Founder and Chief Digital Officer at Distinction Interactive, goes over his success leveraging guest WiFi to enhance The World-Famous Apollo Theater’s app strategy using SocialSign.in WiFi marketing:

Over the past year, SocialSign.in has been actively increasing app downloads at the Apollo Theater and improving the the overall app strategy of the venue using WiFi marketing.

Once a great app is built—that’s when the real work begins. The biggest challenge quickly becomes effectively marketing your new app to grow adoption and usage by your most valuable customers. Without a growing user base, all the business goals you had hoped to achieve with the app go to waste.

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Dive deeper in the partial transcript from our talk with Dexter below.

SocialSign.in: Hey Dexter. Thanks for taking the time with us to answer some questions about your work with SocialSign.in and The Apollo Theater. Could you please introduce yourself to the viewers and tell them a bit about who you are and what you do?

Dexter: My name is Dexter Upshaw. I am the Founder and Chief Digital Officer of Distinction Interactive. I have the privilege and the honor of having one of the greatest clients in the world – The World-Famous Apollo Theater.

SocialSign.in: That’s great. Thanks, Dexter. For those who may not know The Apollo Theater, maybe tell the viewers some of the things that make it so special? What is this Amateur Night event hosted every week, and how does The Apollo Theater really take advantage of digital marketing and technology to engage with guests?

Dexter: The Apollo Theater was formed over 80 years ago. It is the place where stars are born and legends are made. Some of the greatest artists have touched this stage. Every week we have a show called Amateur Night. Thousands of people come from across the world to witness the first talent competition. Before there was The Voice, before there was American Idol, before there was Star Search, there was Amateur Night at The Apollo. The audience decides who wins. We also have an interactive digital component of the show where people are asked to download the Amateur Night mobile app, and they are invited to engage during the portion where you cheer and you boo and share their commentary on the app.

SocialSign.in: There is a lot of community engagement, and I can see a lot of emphasis on in-venue audience engagement and interaction with the acts during Amateur Night. What was the initial goal that you wanted to achieve when you first began working with SocialSign.in? Has SocialSign.in helped boost guest awareness for your mobile app at The Apollo Theater?

Dexter: SocialSign.in has been great because it has allowed us to actually invite people to download the app without telling them to go to the App Store, because we just tell them to get on the free WiFi and it automatically takes them to a page where they can download the app for their iPhone and their Android.

SocialSign.in: We strive to make the process of guests finding venue-relevant and personally interesting offers in the simplest way a real possibility. We find it’s been effective in giving our clients’ guests the best opportunity to seamlessly engage with WiFi marketing and relative promotions. What other value did SocialSign.in bring that wasn’t initially expected?

Dexter: SocialSign.in has been a great solution for us because it makes it so easy to generate leads. I was actually surprised at how many people hopped on the free WiFi without any marketing at all. When we first launched the system, we just kind of put it up there, and for the first month or two months, people just discovered it, and the numbers were really solid.

SocialSign.in: It’s fantastic to hear how effective the SocialSign.in marketing platform has been for you as it’s helped make some of your process easier. What has your experience been like working with the SocialSign.in team, especially your account management representative and support?

Dexter: Working with SocialSign.in and the leadership team has been phenomenal. They’ve been very responsive to our needs. Any time we’ve had a question about the process or about the system, they respond quickly. On top of that, they have provided us data to really show how well the system has been working for us which has really helped us in pushing the digital program forward at The Apollo.