Retail centers, lifestyle centers and shopping malls that are seeking ways to grow their relationships with shoppers are turning to Wi-Fi as a marketing channel. Wi-Fi marketing provides a free convenience for consumers (the free Wi-Fi service) while on location at the retail center, and allows the retail store to engage shoppers directly while they are on the site. Retailers can send a variety of messages, offers and bonuses to consumers while they are using the Wi-Fi service.

Here are three different ways to engage shoppers and visitors using Wi-Fi marketing:

#1. Engage Customers with Offers, Coupons and Vouchers

Wi-Fi marketing offers the opportunity to reach shoppers who are currently on site and may be making decisions regarding purchases. The consumer can receive coupons, offers, bonuses, promotions and even enter contests while using the local Wi-Fi service provided by the retailer or lifestyle center operator. They do not have to download and install an app, or change their browsing behavior in anyway because Wi-Fi marketing uses a simple captive portal sign on process that is completed in moments. The result is an increased point of purchase connection with the consumer who is in the midst of a purchase decision.

#2. Connect with Customers on Social Media

Many brands are becoming online media channels via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to promote their brand to both loyal followers and newcomers. Wi-Fi marketing allows the consumer to connect to the Wi-Fi services using their social media accounts. This gives the retailer and shopping center owners the opportunity to connect with the consumer through social media, increase followers on these channels, and send the consumer promotions and information about their products and services, even after they leave. The marketer can now nurture these relationships with follow up campaigns that get visitors to return onsite.

Lifestyle centers also offer events to increase visitors to their location and foster a sense of community.  Events such as summer movie nights, activities such as yoga or a running club, or holiday events can be promoted onsite when visitors connect to free Wi-Fi. Visitors can directly rsvp to events on site or sign up for email reminders or mailing lists for events. This increases the likelihood that customers will return to your site and increase point of purchase opportunities during these events and after.

#3. Collect More Customer Email Addresses and Social Profiles

Shoppers can set up free Wi-Fi accounts using their email addresses or social login. The consumer “opts-in” to the service by signing up to use the Wi-Fi service, giving the retailer permission to send direct marketing to them. The customer profile can be stored and when they return to the retail location they will be recognized when they connect to Wi-Fi, and provide a more personalized marketing experience. The retailer can track the consumer’s behaviors, such as frequency and length of visits and what marketing content they engage with such as on the spot offers or coupons. By understanding the customer’s’ interests and behavior, the retailer can use the consumer’s email to offer promotions and product information.

Wi-Fi marketing continues to grow in the lifestyle center space —allowing businesses  to quickly engage with consumers, while giving consumers something they want: Wi-Fi. Whether you’re a shopping center owner or have an office building that offers amenities to tenants, consider the endless opportunities for engagement offered via Wi-Fi. From engaging marketing content and community events, to in-store discounts and contests, it only makes sense to capture potential and current customers in this manner.

Consider utilizing the power of Wi-Fi marketing as a marketing channel as it continues to grow in popularity. Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with your visitors