Retailers are looking for new ways to connect to the modern shopper, many of whom are spending more time engaged on their mobile device than ever before. Instead of trying to change this trend, smart retailers are offering free Wi-Fi service to customers that visit their location. The benefits are far beyond convenience for the shopper; the free Wi-Fi service also offers unique point-of-purchase opportunities.

With a direct line of communication to the consumer, retailers are able to send location-based marketing communications. “Moment marketing,” as it is often called, means retailers have the unique opportunity to capitalize on the very moment the consumer in inside the store using the Wi-Fi.

But, it’s not just for retail. Here are some of the businesses that can benefit from using a free Wi-Fi service at their location:


Most hotels and motels are now offering free Wi-Fi service to their guests. During the sign-in processes, the visitor agrees to see advertising from the hotel, as well as related service offers during the duration of their stay. This gives the hotel the opportunity to sell additional services to the guests who are already staying in the hotel and most likely to take advantage of these offers, as opposed to sending guests offers later when they may be offsite. These point-of-purchase offers can include discounts on meals, spa treatments, special offers, coupons or upgrades in room accommodations.


Airports have become more of a shopping destination in modern times, thanks to many retail storefronts that have also been included in airport design. The addition of offering free Wi-Fi service in an airport with multiple food and retail outlets means that those retailers will have an even better opportunity to reach travelers with coupons and special offers when they are waiting in the terminal and have idle time. This can also be away to get travelers to visit stores that may not be on the route to their gate and increase traffic to those storefronts

The first thing most people do when they get off a flight, is check their voicemail or log into their social media.  By having free Wi-Fi services available, retailers will get the extra opportunity to engage that visitor.  By offering coupons, discounts, point-of-purchase special offers, and other incentives, many waiting travelers will visit their stores in order to take advantage of the short-term offers.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks may offer free Wi-Fi services to their visitors who are traveling through the park over the course of the day.  Many large amusement parks can offer additional information and services through the use of their free Wi-Fi services.  As a park visitor signs into the free park Wi-Fi, they opt into a service that will give them information on the park, as well as special offers as they travel through the park.

Consumers can then use their mobile device as a tool to help them navigate the park, and look for the best opportunities for fun. In exchange, the amusement park is able to sell some additional goods and services to the park visitor by offering special discounts.

Making Wi-Fi Work for You

No matter what your business, Wi-Fi marketing presents a unique opportunity to reach consumers on premise in a timely and relevant manner. If you’re interested in learning more about this type of service, connect with our team today!